• Spring Kafka Transaction Sample

    The following Spring Boot application is an example of chaining database and Kafka transactions.

    This blog post comes from this gitlab repository.

  • Why you should stop doing code reviews!

    This blog post tends to list some common code review pitfalls and suggests a solution

  • Tech Watch #2 December 2023

    Tech Watch #2 December 2023

  • My Talks

    On this page, you can find all my talks

  • Some Kafka Advice

    I would like to share some advice when using Apache Kafka and its ecosystem in this article.

  • Monthly #1 July

    Today I decided to write a simple blog post to share some of my reads and viewing. I will try to keep a monthly frequency. This month, I turned more around performance topics as my team and I are dealing with performance issues with some of our components. We used async-profiler to investigate and so I look about it: async-profiler Github repository kubectl flame to create Flame Graph on Kubernetes container but what are Flame Graphs?

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  • Some cool features you may not know about Apache Kafka

    Apache Kafka is a widely distributed event streaming platform. Let’s discover some cool features you haven’t heard.

  • Windows file explorer :: invalid ZIP file

    TL;DR Windows file explorer sees a ZIP file as invalid if it contains at least one entry with a name greater than 260 characters. I am working on a small Kotlin application and one of its features is to download a ZIP file built from a set of JUnit report files. Here’s an extract from the piece of code to do it val byteArrayOutputStream = ByteArrayOutputStream() val zipFile = ZipOutputStream(byteArrayOutputStream) zipFile.

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  • Covid19 Analysis

    The lockdown in France will end on Monday 11th May 2020 and I wanted to take a snapshot of the situation in France using a statistical analysis. To do this analysis, I used the software R. The data used in this article come from this Github project: OpenCOVID19 France. A big thanks to all its contributors. They aggregate data from the French Health Minister, Regional Health Agencies and Prefectures. The data contains the number of people infected, cured, hospitalized, in resuscitation, and dead.

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  • Workshop Azure Pipelines

    I have been working with Azure Pipelines for some time and I would like to introduce it to you. Instead of describing it into a blog post, I made an online workshop to manipulate it. During this workshop, you will learn how to set up a CI pipeline to build a Maven / Java application and a NodeJs application. You will also discover Azure Pipelines features, such as pipeline caching, variables, parameters, and templating.

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