Monthly #1 July

Today I decided to write a simple blog post to share some of my reads and viewing. I will try to keep a monthly frequency.

This month, I turned more around performance topics as my team and I are dealing with performance issues with some of our components. We used async-profiler to investigate and so I look about it:

To stay on performance topic, I also watched this conference Tests en charge en milieu hostile: comment tout faire au dernier moment et s’en sortir (G. Corré) and I subscribed myself to the conference P99 CONF:

The event for developers who care about P99 percentiles and high-performance, low-latency applications

sounds very interesting!

In the Java world, I watched Random Numbers & JDK Flight Recorder - Inside Java Newscast #9 to know more about JDK Flight Recorder previously known as Java Flight Recorder, JFR.

I also read JAVA 17 : QUOI DE NEUF ? by Loïc Mathieu.

I came across this Github repository Object-to-object mapping framework microbenchmark, a benchmark to compare the performance of 8 mapping frameworks. To sum up, MapStruct and Selma are the most efficient.

As an important user of Apache Kafka, I wanted to know more about Apache Pulsar and I watched a brief introduction from Bruno Bonnin at Devoxx 2019: Introduction à Apache Pulsar (B. Bonnin).

I also discovered some YT Channels:

The picture used in the article has been captured by Julien Sulpis